Esports Waifus and Hitting The Beach: CEO Recap

This weekend brought two majors for PG, most of our fighting and Smash teams attend Community Effort Orlando (but it’s in Daytona Beach?) and the introduction to our newest member Pan-Chan!

Pan-Chan is the team’s Anime Waifu that took over the Twitter for the weekend as well as ring in our new Discord server! What’s probably the first esports waifu ever has made a huge splash with our fans and we’re excited to introduce new Pan-Chan merch being made through Meta Threads!

Our fighters all traveled safely and timely despite the insane amount of flight delays and cancellations going into Florida for the weekend. Our presence was unrivaled with: Infiltration, Speedkicks, Nakkiel, Hayatei, Kitana Prime, Coach Steve and RayRay as well as ESAM, MVD, Zain and Plup!

For Injustice 2, Our boys Hayatei and Coach Steve made it into the Top 24 on the losers side while Kitana Prime getting eliminated in pools. Coach Steve was eliminated in the first round of Loser’s top 24 by Noble Rewind [3-1] and finished in 17th while Hayatei went through round 1, defeating Big D. Hayatei was then matched against Grr and was eliminated with a 13th place finish.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ first stop of their world tour, a series of tournaments to collect the seven Dragon Balls, our guys RaRay and Nakkiel were on the hunt. RayRay pushed through pools until facing against TSM Leffen and was ultimately sent to loser’s. RayRay then kept trucking through the bracket until he was stopped by AMiniassassin and eliminated just shy of Top 24. Nakkiel made into Top 24 loser’s after losing to Cyclops Osaka’s Dogura in pools. Nakk would then face BeyondToxin and face elimination with a 17th place. This is just the first stop on the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour and we hope to see our two warriors push on and go collect those Dragon Balls!

Speedkicks competed in the Tekken World Tour against some of the biggest Tekken players from across the world. Our boy breezed through into Top 24 to face the always tough, UYU JeonDDing. Our guy had trouble facing the Korean pro and was sent to Loser’s. Kicks then faced NG-Obscure and was eliminated with a 17th place finish for the weekend.

ESAM and MVD came out for Smash Wii U singles and double after a successful first week of their new joint YouTube channel. The two had a solid performance in Top 8 for doubles with a respectable fifth place finish. The competition was tough for the singles bracket at CEO however. ESAM fell into Loser’s to Abadango [0-2] and then was eliminated by E2C troy during phase 2 of pools. MVD had a similar result by being sent to Loser’s by Team Liquid’s Salem [0-2] and eliminated by Wrath [3-1]. Though this was a tough bracket for the duo, we’re sure they will be stronger than ever for EVO coming next month!

In Melee, our boys Plup and Zain both made Top 8 appearances! The two in fact faced each other in Winner’s Semis with a close [3-2] finish in Plup’s favor. Zain would go into Loser’s  Quarter Final and face elimination by Wizzrobe [3-2]. Plup carried on into Winner’s Finals against Team Liquid’s Hungrybox. The set was in Hungrybox’s favor [3-1] but that didn’t stop The Plup Club. Plup defeated Echo Fox’s Mew2King [3-2] to get his runback with Hungrybox in Grand Finals. Plup stirred things up with a reset [3-2] though still being knocked out by Hungrybox in the end [3-0]. The Melee boys are both on fire and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them at EVO.

Infiltration proved the power of not only Chun Li’s legs, but his own this weekend. Infil came into Top 8 yet again for a CPT Premier event. He was sent into Loser’s by Street Fighter vet Sako, losing [2-0], though still would be able to make into Top 8 for his grand entrance, and what an entrance it was. Our boy was led into the main stage by the PG Boys throwing Geico Merch and hyping up the late night crowd for the Spectacle that is Infiltration. He gave quite the show with his Val Venis tribute dance, showing leg and all for the camera before going on the stage to face his opponent.



Our man busted out his Chun Li to give some answers to Fursan Verloren’s intense Cammy and got a LEG over the competition winning [3-2]! His next opponent would be NVD Phenom of Sweden, a notable Necalli player. He fell to the tough matchup [3-0] and ended in fifth for the weekend. With that Infiltration remains second in the CPT standings behind Fudoh Fujimura and above Echo Fox’s Tokido.

With Pan-Chan’s Twitter takeover and a slightly NSFW stage entrance from Infiltration, you could say we had a very PG weekend. For future updates and announcements stay glued right here as well as our Twitter and Discord!



- Zackary Potter