CEO Dreamland & NCR 2017

CEO Dreamland & NCR 2017

The weekend of April 14-16 saw Pandas competing on either coast: With the smash players taking on the competition at CEO Dreamland in Orlando, and Punk once again rattling the cage with a stunning performance at the NorCal Regionals.

CEO Dreamland

Four members of Panda Global’s smash roster took part in the premiere of CEO’s exclusive Smash Brothers event: Featuring Melee, Smash 4, Smash 64 and Brawl.


Hours before beginning his singles bracket, Plup tweeted out that he would play all Luigi this tournament if he got 1000 retweets. A man of his word, that’s exactly what he did, and with impressive results.

In the Top 48, Plup took down Nintendude [3-2] and DruggedFox [3-1] to earn a spot on the Winners side of Top 8.

While our Panda’s Luigi was ultimately bested by Mew2King, it took a switch to his secondary Marth in order to seal the deal [1-3]. He subsequently fell to SwedishDelight, who brought the set to a Luigi ditto for 2 games before taking the win [2-3], with Plup settling in 5th place.

Smash 4


MVD suffered an early loss in pools, after a last minute bracket change placed Ookami in his path [0-2]. His Losers run saw him eliminate Mr E [2-1], followed by pu55yk1ng [2-1], earning him a spot in the Top 48. The Panda switched to Mario for his match-up against Nakat’s Fox; but despite a series of close games Nakat won the set [1-2], sending MVD home with 33rd place.


Sticking with Pikachu, ESAM grappled his way through the Winners bracket, taking out Larry Lurr [3-1] and VoiD [3-2] along the way. The first round of Top 8 pitted him against ZeRo’s Diddy, ending in a [1-3] loss and placing our Panda in Dabuz’s path. Unable to overcome his weaknesses in the Rosalina match-up, ESAM landed in 5th place [1-3].

Rich Brown

Rich Brown and his MewTwo took down Noble’s Manny [2-0] for a spot on Winners side Top 48. He too found himself on the Losers side after a clash with ZeRo [0-3]; and his proceeding run-in with Scatt’s Megaman [0-3] ended his tournament run in 13th place.


Meanwhile, on the West Coast Punk and RayRay attended the 2017 NorCal Regionals in Sacramento, CA; competing in Street Fighter V and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.


Punk stole 1st place straight out of NuckleDu’s hands in an exhilirating bracket reset. The Alpha was bumped from winners by Du’s Guile [2-3]; but only took a quick tour of the Losers side to take down Fuudo (Mika) [3-1] before returning to the Grand Finals for a rematch.

The Panda dominated the final sets of the tournament, resetting the bracket with a [3-1] win, before claiming his prize with a dominant [3-0] victory over the veteran.


RayRay suffered an early loss against EM| Taekua in pools. He went on to eliminate K-Brad from the tournament until finally falling to IHeartJustice (Phoenix Wright.Captain America, Dr. Strange) for 17th place.