CEO 2017

CEO 2017

Community Effort Orlando returned for their 7th year and their final chapter at the Wyndham Orlando Resort the weekend of June 16-18. Nearly every member of Panda Global made it out for the premiere FGC and Smash event.

Street Fighter V

Punk fell to XsK_Samurai [0-2] in the Top 24 to start yet another of his notable losers runs. After a [3-0] victory over Japan’s Xiaohai and a close set [3-2] with Smug, the Alpha rematched Samurai in the Losers Finals [3-1] and took his seat in the Grand Finals.


A close set ensued between our champion and Snake Eyez. When his Karin failed to consistently get the upper hand against the aggressive Zangief, Punk switched to Nash but fell just short of a bracket reset [2-3] and ended his tournament in 2nd place.


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Starting his Top 24 on the Losers side after a slip up versus Supernoon [0-3] in pools, RayRay put in an impressive amount of work: taking down Punisher, Unkn0wn and Ranmasama without taking a single loss. He eventually met his fate in the second round of Top 8 at the hands of former teammate FChamp [2-3]. RayRay settled into 5th place.

Blazblue: Central Fiction

SuperKawaiiDesu made up for lost time after losing a set to MILK_KAICHOU [0-2]. He made sure those were the only games he dropped all tournament, and exacting his revenge in his second meeting with the Rachel player in Top 4.


He went on to reset the bracket against BurgerMcNasty’s Celica [3-0] and take first place [3-1].

Injustice 2

Panda Global had several players flexing their muscles in Injustice 2 and vying for a spot in the ring on Sunday.


Hayatei was just short of his goal after an early hiccup in his set against Alcatraz [0-2]. His Losers run took an unfortunate turn when he was pitted against fellow Panda Coach Steve [3-1] and found himself eliminated by EMPR_Theo in the next round for 9th place.


For his part, Coach Steve put on one of the most remarkable performances of CEO that is sure to be remembered in times to come. He was up two games in an Atrocious ditto against Tekken Master when his opponent switched to Black Adam to even the score. Steve decided to switch to Grodd -- widely believed to be a low tier character, now up against arguably the strongest -- and won the set [3-2].


Steve was bested by WhiteBoi’s Scarecrow, who similarly ushered SonicFox to the Losers side and sidle into first place. After losing to his teammate Hayatei [1-3], Steve finished in 13th place.



CEO saw Plup at his finest, clearing the road before him to secure his spot in the Top 8 with little challenge. His Fox seemed to not be up to task after falling to HungryBox [0-3] in Winners Finals, but our Panda made it back to Grands and reset the bracket [3-2] before ultimately settling for 2nd place.

Smash 4

MVD was off to a rocky start after suffering a loss at the hands of Larry Lurr’s Fox in the first round of pools. However, our Panda was not discouraged and powered through the Losers bracket -- eliminating Abadango [3-2] along the way. His set against Salem’s Bayonetta was brought to game 5, where a last hit situation did not go in MVD’s favor and sent him home just short of Top 8.