2GGC: Genesis Saga

2GGC: Genesis Saga

Leading up to the long awaited Genesis 4, the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, Cali, hosted 2GGC:Genesis Saga on Saturday, Jan 14. Panda Global’s ESAM and MVD competed in both singles and doubles, with a $2,000 pot bonus up for grabs.


ESAMVD took this opportunity to show what a fearsome duo they are when it comes to Smash 4 doubles: Beating team Tweek/ZeRo not once, but twice on their road to the Grand Finals.

In the first round of Winners Top 12, the Pandas managed to circumvent the Cloud/Diddy combo with a [3-2] victory. The rematch in Losers Finals saw ZeRo switch from Diddy to Sheik, a decision which proved not to be the answer the team was looking for, enabling ESAMVD to take the set [3-0].

The Grand Finals was yet another rematch, with Panda Global facing off versus Komorikiri/MKLeo who had booted them from the Winners bracket [1-3].

The Cloud duo proved to be problematic for ESAM’s Pikachu -- leaving MVD struggling to rescue his partner much of the set. Down 2 games, the Pandas switched tags, opting for their secondaries and MVD’s old main: Samus and Duck Hunt. The switch was far from advantageous, resulting in a [3-0] victory for Komorikiri/MKLeo.

The Pandas demonstrated amazing team synergy throughout the Top 12 bracket, proving just how valuable their longtime experience playing together is. They walked away with a hard-fought 2nd place.


MVD’s Diddy went up against VoiD’s Sheik in the first round of Top 48 Winners. With the two first games cutting close but going in VoiD’s favor, MVD decided to take him back to Lylat Cruise, with similar results to the first time. A [0-3] ended our Panda’s Winners run.

In the Losers bracket, MVD battled Tweek in a series of close games. Unfortunately, the Cloud main was able to take control when it mattered, and MVD lost the set [0-3], ending the tournament in 17th place.


ESAM had a rougher run than his teammate, losing to Zenyou’s Mario [1-2] in pools to start the Top 48 on the Losers side.

His [3-0] victory over Jingen was followed by a trying set versus Dabuz. ESAM displayed a more patient side, as he tactfully tried to overcome the Rosalina’s expert control of the stages. Unfortunately, unable to find the openings he needed ESAM lost the set [0-3], taking 25th place.