(March 24-26) Six of Panda Global’s finest headed to the Esports Arena in Socal for what was to be the most stacked Smash 4 Tournament this year has to offer; but no one could have predicted the jaw dropping upsets that have earned Civil War a chapter in the scene’s history.

The event split the community down the middle, with all registrants vowing allegiance to either Team Ally or Team ZeRo. Along for the ride was our PG Key Winner, Sonido -- Mississippi’s #1 ranked Sonic main -- who joined the rest of the Pandas (excluding MVD) on Team Ally.



ESAM was the only Panda to make it to Sunday’s Top 32 -- although those who missed out were among good company, as the champion ZeRo himself faced an early elimination in 49th place.

In the first round of Top 32, ESAM went up against Ally on the Losers side. Starting off as MewTwo, the Panda quickly succumbed to the Mario main in game 1. Our hero then made the switch to Samus. A gamble that paid off exponentially, as he took the proceeding 3 games and the set [3-1]: Not only eliminating the tournament’s second namesake, but overcoming his personal struggle in this match-up.

ESAM went on to face Japanese Diddy Kong player Hikaru. With Pikachu unable to hold his ground against the hulking character, ESAM opted for Samus instead. While this switch enabled him to secure one game, DK’s kills at low percent ultimately sealed this Panda’s fate. ESAM went home with 17th place.


Fellow Panda MVD entered the Top 96 on the Winner’s side, only to fall to Dabuz in the first round [0-3]. However, this was no trivial loss: Dabuz and his Rosalina arrived at Civil War prepared for battle and would go on to take the tournament.

MVD next went head-to-head with Zinoto, over whom he held a narrow advantage throughout the Diddy ditto up until game 5 when his resolute opponent took control and the win [2-3], eliminating our Panda in 33rd place.

Rich Brown

MewTwo main Rich Brown ran into some difficulty early on in pools vs Rosalina main, TonySherbert [1-2]. He was subsequently eliminated in 65th place by former Panda Trela [1-3].

Sonido (PG KEY)

Panda Global was proud to have Sonido donning the black-and-white this weekend. The aggressive Sonic main took down Zinoto in pools [2-1] before being booted to the Loser’s by Nietono [0-2]. Unfortunately, our qualifier winner fell to ImHip [0-3]  in the first round of Top 96, earning him 65th place.


ESAMVD entered the Doubles Top 12 on the Losers side after falling to Marss/Zinoto [0-2] in Pools. After working through Legit/Teb they faced-off against another formidable team: ZeRo/Nairo. Despite putting in some hard work our Panda alliance fell [0-3], taking 7th place.

Rich Brown joined forces with FlySociety’s Fatality for doubles: Falling first to BlackDynoWright/WonderBread [0-2], and ultimately eliminated by  Japanese duo Shuton/HIKARU [0-2] for 25th place.