Panda Global Rankings: 40-31

Fri 20th May 2016 - 12:30pm : Gaming

The Panda Global Rankings are finally live! #PGR represents the efforts of our #PGstats team, @PG_Zan @PG_Suar and @PG_Dom, to discover the top 50 Smash 4 players in the world. We discuss how this was done in the Methods and the FAQ sections. Each image was made by @PG_KTH and blurbs by aspiring writers from the community. 

PGR: 50-41

PGR: 31-20

PGR: 20-11

PGR: 10-1

X-factor explained: A player’s #PGR is a purely based on tournament placings and set counts. Our team of 48 panelists from around the world (listed in methods) also ranked the players according to personal opinion creating a subjective list. The X-factor is the difference between the final spot on the #PGR and panelist ranking. A +3 X-factor means the panelists ranked a player 3 spots higher than they ended on the #PGR while a -2 means they were 2 spots lower on the panelist ranking. An X-factor of 0 means both the panelist ranking and the #PGR were the same!




Without Further Ado,






Chris “Falln” Rugg is a well-known Rosalina player from SoCal being one of the strongest Rosalina mains in the scene. With Rosalina being a character focused on zoning, it’s no surprise that Falln is an expert in proper spacing, but where he really shines is his precise Luma management that sets him apart from other Rosalina players. With these skills Falln has performed well at major tournaments earning 17th at CEO 2015 and 25th at both Apex 2015 and EVO 2015. He has also taken sets from notable players such as Void, Nakat, and K9.


- Lyle "Dozer" Jorgenson, @DozerZigashi





Originally from Philadelphia, Matt “Xzax” Liberatore is now one of the strongest players in SoCal. Residing in Sky’s house and constantly practicing with other top SoCal players has allowed Xzax to become one of the most feared Fox mains in and outside of his region. Some of his highlights include 4th at the 2GGT: Fatality Saga, 5th at the 2GGT: EE Saga, and 9th at LVL UP EXPO 2016. With placings like these, Xzax has shown that he has the potential to continue growing as a player in the Smash community, so expect to see more from him and his Fox in 2016.


- Miguel "Vump" Aparicio, @VumpWasTaken







Hailing in from all the way up north New Jersey in particular we have the villain of Smash 4, Angel Cortes. Cortes is known for his extremely versatile Diddy play that can compete with some of the best, but is perhaps best known for his antagonism like his exposed crusade where he attempted to expose players from around the country. Placing 17th at EVO and 17th at Pound, Angel Cortes and his personality that gets the scene riled up will be sticking around.

- Dallas Prestin, @jk_dallas 






Thomas “Ito” Gonda is a well-known Meta Knight main hailing from Northern California. With excellent showings at numerous tournaments, including 2GGT: Fatality Saga and Genesis 3, where he placed second and seventeenth respectively, Ito has proven himself to be a strong Smasher. Though Ito is not often seen at the larger events, when he does make an appearance, he never fails to impress, captivating the audience with a skillful display of Meta Knight's power, even in the wake of the nerfs in Patch 1.1.5. His performance at Shuffle VIII certainly attests to this.

- @A10theHero







Having to overcome the obstacles that came along with the multiple nerfs to his main, Conor “Mr. Concon” Ghobrial continues to lead the Luigi movement in the Smash 4 metagame. Currently residing in SoCal, Mr. ConCon is known as one of the strongest players in his region. With placings like 2nd at Smash at Oomba, 25th at EVO 2015, and 9th at the 2GGT: Fresh Saga, Mr. Concon continues to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with. Not only has he placed well in the tournaments he enters, Mr. Concon was the first player to ever take a set off of ZeRo’s Diddy Kong; with matches like these, we get a glimpse of the potential he has with this character.

- Miguel "Vump" Aparicio, @VumpWasTaken






Corey "False" Shin, a Brawl veteran notorious for his use of multiple characters at a high level, is found at 35th in the #PGR. A Tri-state native, False is also a part of the notorious Leap of Faith crew and content creating duo, Rush Hour Smash. Having just slayed his final year at Rutgers studying broadcasting and film, False kicks into high gear this summer as completes his publicly funded passion project -- a documentary focused on the rise and fall of Brawl. In this iteration of Smash Brothers, False seamlessly shifts between an aggressive trio of Sheik, Ryu, and Marth. Having sets over the likes of Tweek, Tyrant, and 6WX, this Jersey native is one to not be taken lightly. But despite his solid placings, False is underrated by his peers reflecting his X-factor of -7. 


- Luis “PG_Suar” Suarez, @PG_Suar







Tyrell “NAKAT” Coleman is Counter Logic Gaming's first and only sponsored Smash 4 player, doing so by being one of the world's best Ness mains, backed up with a slew of secondaries at his disposal. 2015 was a tough year for Naruto AKA Tyrell as a competitor, having to balance being a student at Rutgers University and issues with mother's health, but he still persevered and made statements wherever possible. After a 9th place showing at Apex, he dropped down to a controversial 33rd at CEO and EVO that year, suffering some losses that made other question his place as a player. Despite these talks, he more than proved that he can contend with top level players, taking sets off Nairo, ANTi, and Ally, and finishing 25th at Genesis 3 to kick off the new year, along with 13th at Pound 2016. Consistency is still a big question mark for NAKAT but do not be fooled, he has the makings of a top tier player.

- Dominique “Dom” Moore, @PG_Dom







Earth is a Pit and Corrin main residing in Japan who carved his name in stone when he traveled to America and placed 13th in Genesis. Since then he has toppled other Japanese giants like Rain at KVO and is quickly becoming known as a force to be reckoned with in Smash 4. Earth is the man that has put Pit on the competitive landscape, and many people are excited to see how far he can go with the underrepresented character. His massively high X-factor of +11 shows that you can expect Earth to skyrocket through these rankings as his international major showings improve. 

- @LayZBluJay








One of the best players from Japan, Nietono was the best Olimar in Japan back in the Brawl days. While he doesn’t travel out of Japan too much, he had a strong showing at Apex 2015, defeating Ally and AeroLink to make 5th. However, at EVO, he was double eliminated by Tearbear, placing at a disappointing 257th. Despite this, he places really well in Japanese tournaments, winning Umebura 12 and placing top 4 at Umebura 20, 21 and 22. He has wins Abadango, Dabuz and Tyrant making him a player that even the top is afraid of. His X-factor of +9 shows that they know he's a contender. 

- Alberto "RedNova" Vasquez, @_RedNova








Currently known as Manny “All Might” Medina, and formerly known as Static Manny, also formerly known as ONI Heero, this Sonic and Roy main has had more name changes than Sonic has had nerfs. Manny’s Sonic is defense and baits his opponents to their doom. He’s placed third at Paragon Orlando 2015 and second at EagleLAN. When he isn’t competing, he’s hyping up and cheering for his Florida brethren, like his close friend and doubles partner ONI Day, his close friend, doubles partner and Lucario main. While Static Manny's name isn't Static, his solid placings clearly are here to stay. 

- Jarrod Dyer, @hadron85 






Alan Bunney M.D.

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