East Coast Throwdown

Wed 14th Sep 2016 - 9:45am

East Coast Throwdown

The Pandas headed East on the weekend of Sept. 3-4 for New Jersey’s most illustrious fighting game tournament: East Coast Throwdown. Along with Capcom pro tour ranking points up for grabs, the event featured high level competition in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and Mortal Kombat XL.


RayRay entered the Top 8 only to fall in his first match versus Punisher (M.O.D.O.K/Rocket Raccoon/Strider) [0-3], closely followed by a fatal meeting with Cosmos on the Losers side which cut his run short. Although managing to pull off an impressive comeback, and bringing the set to game 5 -- RayRay ultimately fell [2-3] and went home with 5th place.

Guilty Gear

After taking out Soul Lost [3-1] in Winners Finals, Panda Global’s MarlinPie ran into the player Jack-O player once more in Grand Finals. In a down to the wire [2-3] set, Lost Soul forced the bracket reset.


Two of the best names in Guilty Gear fiercely battled for the title of champion -- each game, every round, exceedingly close -- but Lost Soul had a slight advantage over MarlinPie and took the set [3-1] with our Panda coming in 2nd.

Street Fighter

In what was arguably the biggest upset of the weekend, RayRay stole his spot in the Top 8 from none other than Daigo the Beast (Ryu). In a set which took an incredible amount of concentration and patience, RayRay successfully overcame the notorious Japanese powerhouse [2-1]. With the ideal combination of calculation and pressure, our Panda demonstrated that he is a rising star contender in the world of SFV.


RayRay continued on to take down Alucard (Balrog) [3-2] and Shine (Karin) [3-0] before going up against LVLG Ludovic’s Chun in Losers Finals. Despite skillfully maintaining his ground, RayRay was unable to take a game for himself and finished the tournament in 3rd place.


Mortal Kombat

Once again, Scar swept into the Top 8 without dropping a single game. The Panda welcomed Circa’s Destroyer (Predator) back in Grand Finals by switching from his standard Sonya Demo to Triborg Smoke.


The first game went in Destroyer’s favor, but it quickly became evident that would not be a trend in this match-up. Once awake, Scar took complete control -- with momentum and aggression building he closed out the set with a sensational invisible finish [3-1] to wrap up his second tournament win in a week.

Wait For It

If you’re wondering when you can catch these Pandas in action next: this coming weekend Scar is heading to Virginia for TCW (Sept. 17-18); and on October 1-2 you can catch MarlinPie at CEOTAKU, while Rayray will be in attendance at ESL One’s Brooklyn Beatdown for SFV.



Jenna Lorraine

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